About us

Creating Timeless and Inspiring Porsche Transformations

Welcome to Miles Works Automotive, the brainchild of Dominic Miles. With a passion for automotive development and a vision to transform the underrated Porsche 996 Carrera 2, Dominic embarked on a journey to create something truly remarkable.

A Vision Takes Shape

Dominic’s fascination with the Porsche 996 began when he encountered a one-off body kit by Gambala. Although he couldn’t acquire the car at the time, the design left an indelible mark on his mind, igniting a desire to craft his own version. Recognizing that the original 996 body lacked the iconic Porsche curves he dreamt of, Dominic set out to integrate classic Porsche shapes into his creation.

Years of searching for an RSR body kit led Dominic to the realization that the original parts didn’t blend seamlessly with the car’s original body. Determined to create something beautiful and timeless, he meticulously reworked each piece. The result? A wider, flowing design that seamlessly incorporates the original lines of the car. Dominic focus on creating an organic feel ensures that every part harmonizes with the overall design, allowing it to age gracefully.


The Porsche 996 Revolution

The Porsche 996 was once regarded as the unloved generation of Porsches, often criticized for its unconventional headlights. However, Dominic saw this as an opportunity to push boundaries. Free from the constraints of purist opinions, he fearlessly modified the 996, ultimately creating a masterpiece that has garnered widespread acclaim. By accentuating the original lines of the car with classic Porsche curves, Dominic has redefined what it means to modify a Porsche.

Paying Homage to RWB

Throughout his journey, Dominic found inspiration from renowned automotive creators such as RWB. The iconic 993 Evo GT and the distinct style of its spoiler left a lasting impression on him. Dominic credits RWB for revolutionizing the way people modify cars worldwide and continues to draw motivation from their work.

Performance and Style Combined

Underneath the captivating exterior lies a 1998 Carrera 2 manual, equipped with a 3.4 flat-six engine. While the engine may not be celebrated by all, Dominic has enhanced its performance with a lightweight flywheel, race headers, race exhaust, and an impressive K&N induction kit. The result? A thrilling sound and improved revs that defy expectations. The car’s suspension is upgraded with a prasis air suspension system, providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

Unparalleled Design

Dominic’s own design, the Miles Works Superstars wheels, take inspiration from the Carrera GT and Ferrari F40LM wheels. These striking wheels feature a deep dish design that adds a touch of elegance to the already captivating aesthetics of the car. With a 14j by 19-inch size and a minus 80 offset, they exude confidence and make a bold statement on the road.

Spreading the Joy of Automotive Artistry

Dominic’s vision extends beyond his personal satisfaction. He aims to inspire others to embrace their dreams and modify cars that reflect their unique vision. With the Porsche 996 as an accessible platform, he hopes to ignite the spirit of Ferdinand Porsche, who famously said, “We couldn’t find the sports car of our dreams, so we built it ourselves.”

Join the Miles Works Automotive community and experience the thrill of automotive artistry and timeless design. Let Dominic’s creations captivate you and inspire you to embark on your own automotive journey.